User Centric Design

The rapid developments and ever-growing mobile revolution pose continuous challenges to even the most forward thinking companies.

I strongly believe in user-centric design in order to create a great user experience.

User-centric design means understanding what your users need/want, how they think, and how they behave and incorporating that understanding into every aspect of the design process.

My Workflow

I often start off by writing user-stories and bring those together into an user-flow. I love to sketch, creating wireframes and mockups on the fly and trying to surface early obstacles while constantly searching for better solutions.

The mockups and stories will follow a natural selection, till they are polished. High fidelity designs with interaction – and style guides will ensure consistency in the development process but also guard the overall user experience.

My Focus

I give guidance, feedback and direction in the design process, present concepts and designs and I work together with designers and developers to find the best possible solution for the end user and the client.

My focus is on designing elegant interfaces, websites, apps/software and brands.


Writing User Stories & User Flows
Ideas & Concepts
Wireframing & Prototyping
Mobile Design & Tablets
Display, TV & Car Interfaces

Logo’s & Corporate Identities
Print & Promotion
Websites & Newsletters
E-Commerce & Webshops
Apps & Browser Extensions

Styleguides & Documentation
Graphics & Mockups
Briefings & Sprints
Workshops & Presentations


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